Crosswords with Friends December 10 2023 Answers

Please find below all the Crosswords with Friends December 10 2023 Answers. This is one of the most popular crossword puzzles available for both online and in print version. Today's puzzle (December 10 2023) has a total of 66 crossword clues. If you are stuck and are looking for help then you have come to the right place.

Clue Answer # Letters
Suffix for skeptic or ideal 3
Keep ___ on (watch over) 4
Treasure seeker's diagram 3
Prompts for actors 4
Extraction from a disaster scene for short 4
Go on horseback perhaps 4
Star Wars: The Last Jedi actress whose first name is a shade of green: 3 wds. 14
Hangout spot in front of a brownstone 5
Black-eyed ___ (bean found in the Southern dish hoppin' John) 3
Silent Night director John 3
Wynn ___ Vegas (casino hotel) 3
___-ching! (sound of a cash register) 3
Green gemstone for bangles 4
Sandwich that uses pita bread 4
Busiest airport on the West Coast of the US for short 3
Female sibling's nickname 3
___ a hasty retreat (leave quickly) 4
Spot of land in the sea 4
Football scores that precede extra points: Abbr. 3
Hooray! 3
Kylo ___ (son of Princess Leia) 3
South African golfer Ernie 3
Have a great time with 5
Respect actor whose first name is a shade of green: 2 wds. 14
Render ___ Caesar the things that are Caesar's ... (quote from the New Testament) 4
Sound from someone feeling pain 4
Very thick slice 4
Thumbs-down responses 3
Roadhouses 4
Actress Graynor of The Disaster Artist 3
Eww disgusting! 3
Files a malpractice case against say 4
Patty ___ (type of sandwich) 4
Musical pace such as adagio or allegro 5
Abbott Elementary principal played by Janelle James 3
Place that might host a ladies' night 3
___-fi (movie genre) 3
Unexplainable events that are required for someone to become a saint 8
Group that gives its Seal of Acceptance to toothbrushes: Abbr. 3
Writing utensil used at a contract signing 3
Less rapid 6
Path for a postal worker: Abbr. 3
___-hoo! (Over here!) 3
Printer brand based in Japan 5
Major rival of Uber 4
Who ___ you wearing? (question on the red carpet) 3
Passageway between rooms 4
Rod beneath the main body of a car 4
Surely you ___! 4
Surrounded by 4
Cobblers cakes and cookies 8
Aussie's greeting 4
Very deep pit 5
Actress Seydoux of The Grand Budapest Hotel 3
Black-clad Japanese assassins 6
Straps held by a jockey 5
Doctor who treats three specific parts of the head and neck: Abbr. 3
War and Peace author Tolstoy 3
State between Kansas and Texas: Abbr. 4
2023 currently 4
Band known for Some Nights and We Are Young 3
Yoko from Tokyo 3
You didn't need to tell me that!: Abbr. 3
Was the victor 3
Millennium Falcon pilot Solo 3
Result of bringing someone home from third base: Abbr. 3

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