Crosswords with Friends November 29 2023 Answers

Please find below all the Crosswords with Friends November 29 2023 Answers. This is one of the most popular crossword puzzles available for both online and in print version. Today's puzzle (November 29 2023) has a total of 66 crossword clues. If you are stuck and are looking for help then you have come to the right place.

Clue Answer # Letters
Reads as a supermarket bar code 5
Records that got more popular during music's vinyl revival: Abbr. 3
Makes a selection 4
Prohibition agent Ness who was played by Kevin Costner in The Untouchables 5
Planet ___ (brand of grain-based milk) 3
Norm's wife on Cheers 4
Tyler Perry's signature character 5
The Many Sides of Yoko ___ (1974 album) 3
CNN's ___ Burnett OutFront 4
1984 hit from Huey Lewis and the News's multiplatinum album Sports: 5 wds. 13
Meaning that's listed in a dictionary: Abbr. 3
Chicken of the ___ (canned tuna brand) 3
Tool used to punch holes 3
Genre of the Paramore song Misery Business 3
Left at the ___ (jilted) 5
Huey Lewis and the News's first #1 hit from 1985's Back to the Future soundtrack: 4 wds. 14
Device for accessing the Internet 5
Sports league featured in the movie Space Jam: Abbr. 3
Actress Dawber or Grier 3
Zero score to a soccer announcer 3
Inserted coins into as a parking meter 3
1986 Huey Lewis and the News hit parodied in a Sesame Street song about shapes: 4 wds. 13
What a child might call her father 4
Cry loudly 3
Remove your name from a social media photo 5
And other people as well: 2 wds. abbr. 4
When a plane is due in: Abbr. 3
Covering for a cake 5
Joins in matrimony 4
Opposite of gregarious 3
Former stock car driver Kyle 5
18-wheeler truck 4
Animal's talon 4
Elton John musical based on an opera set in Egypt 4
There's ___ in sight!: 2 wds. 5
New Jersey New Mexico New Hampshire or New York 5
Bird with a crazy name 4
Window glass 4
Puts in a warehouse perhaps 5
Taking everything into account 7
South American country whose capital is Lima 4
Math class that's a precursor to calculus for short 4
___ Diego Zoo 3
Just two or three: 2 wds. 4
Tone-___ (having little musical ability) 4
Place to access your cash: Abbr. 3
Which person do you mean? 3
Was at the front of the pack 3
Robin Hood: ___ in Tights (Mel Brooks movie) 3
Spherical object 3
Highest point 3
DuVernay who created the TV series Queen Sugar 3
Band that was fronted by Michael Stipe 3
Friends who write letters to each other: 2 wds. 7
Leave off a list 4
Blockheads 4
Gets checkmated for example 5
Provide with gear 5
Foolish person 5
10 Things I ___ About You (Heath Ledger movie) 4
Tablet made by Apple 4
Not just one or the other 4
Online marketplace with many used items 4
Keep ___ (be persistent): 2 wds. 4
Angry tirade 4
Tasting like custards and quiches 4

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