Daily Celebrity Crossword May 11 2016 Answers

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Daily Celebrity Crossword May 11 2016 Answers


2000 Pounds
Three stripe army rank abbr
Felt sore
Stare dumbfoundedly
Sailors yes
Burial spot
High level businessperson for short
Web address abbr
Painters stand
Monkees vocalist who played the drums 2 wds
chi (martial art)
Relax soldiers 2 wds
County festival
flung (widespread)
Moo pork (Chinese menu item)
1970s vocalist who played the drums 2 wds
Hospital area for critical cases abbr
Brand of body spray
Null and (no longer in effect)
Second half of a round trip
One of Gladys Knights backup singers
Genesis vocalist who played the drums 2 wds
Cola (Coke competitor)
Addressee for a federal tax return abbs
Salve ingredient
Sigourney Weaver sci-fi classic
Carol star Blanchett
Me too
Room cooling devices abbr
Here s mud in your


Former sitcom that costarred Andy Kaufman
Oil cartel that Indonesia rejoined in 2016 abbr
Mans accessory that is knotted
Arabia (Middle Eastern country)
Greek sandwich made with lamb
I cant the difference
Person who finds jobs for an actor
Short lived phenomenon
My dog fleas
Adams mate in Eden
Pop singer Lana Rey
Ruby or sapphire for example
Spin a (tell a story)
Wyatt who was at the gunfight at the OK Corral
Spumante (sparkling white wine)
Tool storage building
Where Sweden and Switzerland are abbr
Look directly at
Stuck in (doing the same old thing) 2 wds
Send a document via phone line
Just The Way You (Bruno Mars first hit)
royale (champagne cocktail)
How refuse 2 wds
Bad to the bone
Theres like home 2 wds
Victory by an underrated team
Thick skinned African animal for short
Puts on a blog
Mona (Leonardo Da Vinci painting)
Menacing animal in a swamp for short
Now me down to sleep 2 wds
Message on a Post it
Have a look
Knee or elbow protector for an athlete
Cotton gin inventor Whitney
Cherrys center