Daily Celebrity Crossword May 14 2016 Answers

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Daily Celebrity Crossword May 14 2016 Answers



TV network headquarted in London
Interrupters throat clearing sound
Baby elephant or whale
Yes along the Champs Elysees
Ricks wife on The Walking Dead
Get in touch if you are ever in the
With 53 Across saxophonist who led the Tonight Show Band from 1992-1995
With 50 Across saxophonist who won a Grammy for The Girl From Ipanema
Stuck up person
Scouts merit badge holder
Six pack stomach muscles
Twisty shape
Cry really hard
out a win (barely be victorious)
Full of foliage
Saxophonist known as Yardbird who helped develop bebop music 2 wds
Devils opposite
The L in LAPD
Female sheep
Flipped like a coin
Most common English word
I dont know which end 2 wds
Rant and
See 17 Across
See 15 Across
Kid on The Andy Griffith Show
Pass the (shirk responsibility)
Alleged paranormal power abbr
Gets darker at the beach
Skin care brand that used to have Oil of in front of its name
Diego Padres


Burgers (animated TV series)
Go up in flames
See ya in Rome
Extraterrestrial from Melmac on 1980s television
Boo (crying sound)
Slips up
Mythical king with a golden touch
Person who rings up your purchases at the store register
The of the Deal (Donald Trump book)
and Perrins (steak sauce brand)
Enthusiastic supporter
Professional hoopsters league abbr
Movie where Daryl Hannah played a mermaid
Southern (women like Scarlett O Hara)
Enjoy a vacation in Aspen
Yard tool often used in the fall
Good Men (Tom Cruise movie) 2 wds
Ancient instrument related to the harp
Thats terrible news 2wds
You might check them at the airport
Fish that looks like a snake
Makes bigger or smaller like a wedding ring
Vessel to cook soup in
Disneys big eared elephant
Relief pitchers statistic abbr
John George and Ringos bandmate
Some microbrewery creations
Alternative to American Express
Cable channel whose personalities include Chris Berman and Brent Musburger