Daily Celebrity Crossword May 15 2016 Answers

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Daily Celebrity Crossword May 15 2016 Answers



Tool for hacking weeds in a garden
Practice punching
San Francisco Area
Shut (people who dont leave their homes)
Electric cord
Style related to goth
Dallas actor who appeared in a 1976 Taco Bell commercial 2 wds
Liquor in a daiquiri
Sport for heavy Japanese athletes
Actress Lindsay of Mean Girls
Released from captivity
Like waterless climates
I cannot tell 2 wds
Flood control structure
Will and Grace actress who appeared in a 1983 McDonalds commercial 2wds
Fireplace residue
Dog treat that might be made of rawhide
Bunk (common pieces of furniture at sleepaway camps)
Small liquor vessel that might be in a back pocket
Angry with 2 wds
1970s tennis player Nastase
Pacino and Capone for two
British soccer legend who appeared in a 2012 Burger King Commercial 2 wds
Caustic substance used to make soap and oven cleaner
Sudden shock
A braggart might have a big one
Ending for priest or prophet
Club (discount chain)
Yabba dabba (Fred Flinstones exclamation)


Modern and trendy
scale from 1 to 10 2 wds
Chips star Erik
Do the breaststroke perhaps
Snapchat shot for short
Raiders of the Lost (movie that introduced Indiana Jones)
Color of Merlot wine
Really confused
Versatile kind of car radio
dieting (cycling of weight losses and gains) hyph
Take part in a marathon
Find a function for
Tibets Dalai
Unrefined Minecraft blocks
Celebratory hand slaps 2 wds
Get an F in a class
Make angry
Slippery fish
Lee (singer with the 2011 hit album Mission Bell)
Actor Alan who played Hawkeye Pierce
1990s computer game set on an island
League for the Jazz and the Magic abbr
Luau garland
Initials of the man celebrated in mid January
Sit at a red light
Wavy (potato chip variety that competes with Ruffles)
New Testament book after John
They take song requests at parties abbr
Snake that crushes its prey
Dutch disease (tree problem)
A long long time
Mr Brown Can Can you (Dr Seuss book)