Daily Celebrity Crossword May 18 2016 Answers

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Daily Celebrity Crossword May 18 2016 Answers



Crunchy sandwich known by its initials
Take ones musical group on the road
Lopsided victory
Lucy whos Watson on Elementary
Intangible radiation read by a psychic
Parrot in Disneys Aladdin
Particularly fitting
With 50 Across nickname of 34 Across 3 wds
Physician portrayed by Hugh Laurie from 2004 to 2012
www.facebook.com or www.google.com for example abbr
Pong game played on a table
Bud who is the Commissioner Emeritus of Baseball
Global conflict that ended in 1945 abbr
Adeles vocal range
Take my wife please stand up comedian 2 wds
Wan Kenobi
Comfortable old shoe 2 wds
Coast states from Maine to Florida
Martin DB10 007s auto in spectre
Color printers cartridge filler
Sesame Street grouch
See 16 Across hyph
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries Movie Emmy category 2 wds
Put blacktop on
Slobbering canine friend of Garfield
Household recycling container
Drove faster than allowed
Plastic containers for butter
Feeling gloomy


Very boring
Belly fat removal procedure for short
Skirt seen in a ballet
George who played Sulu on Star Trek
madame Yes ma am in French
Caterers coffee brewer
Big selling brand of pasta sauce
Long firearm often seen in westerns
bran muffin
Exclamation similar to lck and eww
Tic Tac
Citizen Kane director Welles
the bottle party game
Negative votes that are the opposite of yeas
Take too much pleasure in a victory
Ohio town where Glee was set
Accounts sometimes suggested by financial advisors abbr
Well mannered chap
Horse stopping shout
Fly trapping creations of spiders
Whats for me 2 wds
Carry a sing well
Greek instrumental performer with over a dozen Billboard nr 1 New Age albums
Precious stones
Stopped a squeak
American Beauty flowers
Unit of speed to a sailor
Corn kernels are on them
Song written by Verdi or Wagner for example
Former presidential candidate Paul
Covert secret missions
Brief sleep
Christmas December 24
Baby back rack piece at a barbecue

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