Net Flicks Bonus Puzzle Answers

Net Flicks Bonus Puzzle Answers.The best way to kill your free time and to kill stress is doing different things which makes you stop thinking of the stress for some minutes. One of the best way proved by science is to play games such as crosswords, puzzle games and many others. The bonus puzzle is Net Flicks Bonus Puzzle Answers.We are sharing with you the answers for the best crossword ever released, Net Flicks Bonus Puzzle Answers. It is said to be one of the bests ever with famous questions which can be guessed easily. If you still are having difficulties in solving any of the question and you got stuck, please visit our website and find out all the daily answers for Daily Celebrity Crossword developed by PuzzleSocial inc. We love to help people that’s why we work hard in solving the crosswords as fast as we can and also share them online as fast as we can so everybody can check them and solve the puzzle.

Net Flicks Bonus Puzzle Answers

Net Flicks Bonus Puzzle Answers


It’s so dang cold: BRR

Black Power symbol: FIST

Actress Angelina who has a species of spider named after her:JOLIE

Battery size for some remote controls:AAA

Sketched: DREW

Came up in conversation: AROSE

Chicago WNBA team with a celestial name:SKY

1980 Robert De Niro movie that Michael Jordan would particularly enjoy? 2 wds: RAGINGBULL

Animal that might balance a ball on its nose: SEAL

Yellow cab: TAXI

Time to beware in March:IDES

Miller ___ (beer that’s low in carbs): LITE

___ me finish: LET

___ panel (device that absorbs sunlight): SOLAR

Pepsi-___ (soft drink brand that’s and anagram of Episcopal): COLA

Washington basketballer for short:NAT

1981 Mel Gibson movie that Stephen Curry would particularly enjoy? 3 wds: THEROADWARRIOR

Hither and ___: YON

Ornamental flower holder: VASE

Like a lottery winner: LUCKY

___ the ramparts we watched (The Star-Spangled Banner lyrics): OER

Jekyll’s bad side: HYDE

Wu-Tang ___ (hip-hop group): CLAN

Norwegian city where Jo Nesbo’s detective novels take place:OSLO

Channel that shows a lot of NBA games: ESPN

1991 Bruce Willis move that Dominique Wilkins would particularly enjoy? 2 wds: HUDSONHAWK

Soil-shaping hand tool: HOE

Came to a conclusion: ENDED

Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s alma mater abbr: UCLA

Cheer for a flamenco dancer: OLE

Haste makes ___: WASTE

Word after IQ or litmus: TEST

Rock guitarist Nugent: TED