Crosswords with Friends November 19 2023 Answers

Please find below all the Crosswords with Friends November 19 2023 Answers. This is one of the most popular crossword puzzles available for both online and in print version. Today's puzzle (November 19 2023) has a total of 64 crossword clues. If you are stuck and are looking for help then you have come to the right place.

Clue Answer # Letters
Stir together as recipe ingredients 3
Water droplets that may evaporate by mid-morning 3
Instrument from which one of the Marx Brothers got his nickname 4
Highest card in a suit usually 3
Malty beverages 4
___ Ma (famous cellist): Hyph. 4
It's Raining ___ (1982 Weather Girls song) 3
Individual part of an archipelago 4
Homophone of blue 4
NBA commissioner whose last name is a metal with the chemical symbol Ag: 2 wds. 10
Affirmative captain 3
French bottled water brand 5
Person who receives party RSVPs 4
With 34-Across Queen lead singer whose last name is a metal with the chemical symbol Hg 7
___ solemnly swear ...: 2 wds. 3
Hay bundles 5
Cease ___ desist 3
See 28-Across 7
Passes in a tournament bracket 4
Superhero played by Halle Berry 5
Baseball slugger's stat: Abbr. 3
Growing Pains actress whose last name is a metal with the chemical symbol Au: 2 wds. 10
___ Likely to Succeed (high school yearbook superlative) 4
Oppenheimer actor DeHaan 4
Teensy 3
State that's nicknamed Birthplace of Aviation 4
Look me up whenever you're in the ___ 4
___-Manuel Miranda 3
Sound of agony 4
The P in MPG 3
Pronounce 3
Baby ___ (2008 Tina Fey movie) 4
Like some coffee that's drunk in the summer 4
Warrior princess of TV 4
Donald Duck's girlfriend 5
Housekeeper on Downton Abbey 5
No longer sick 4
Car that uses both gas and electric power 6
ISP whose logo ends in a period 3
The Catcher in the ___ (J.D. Salinger novel) 3
Boom Boom ___ (hit song of 2009) 3
Intense like some weather 6
Cushion for a gymnast 3
December 24 and December 31 for two 4
___ in the Life (Beatles song): 2 wds. 4
Number on a billiard ball with a yellow stripe 4
O come let us adore ___ (line from O Come All Ye Faithful) 3
Verses of praise 4
Put into numerical order perhaps 4
Take a plane 3
Some newspaper employees: Abbr. 3
Politician Aaron who was in a duel with Alexander Hamilton 4
Large fleet of fighting ships 6
Material at the ends of Q-tips 6
Enormous 3
Actress Zellweger 5
How some musicians play songs without sheet music: 2 wds. 5
Fish in the same family as koi 4
Birds that make hoo sounds 4
Star Wars character with the last name Organa 4
Turn down 4
Dad's wife 3
Exclamation that's similar to Aha! 3
Singer with face-hiding wigs 3

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