Crosswords with Friends February 10 2024 Answers

Please find below all the Crosswords with Friends February 10 2024 Answers. This is one of the most popular crossword puzzles available for both online and in print version. Today's puzzle (February 10 2024) has a total of 62 crossword clues. If you are stuck and are looking for help then you have come to the right place.

Clue Answer # Letters
The Simpsons exclamation that was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2001 3
Con game 4
Former First Lady Truman 4
Alien vessel in Independence Day: Abbr. 3
Make sharper as a knife 4
Plow-pulling animals 4
Set the ___ high (make competition difficult) 3
Chilled as a beverage 4
Iridescent gem that might be given for a 14th anniversary 4
Matilda child actress who wrote the memoir Where Am I Now?: 2 wds. 10
Up in the air 5
Pet that might use a scratching post 3
The ___ Star State (nickname for Texas) 4
Knight and Day actress Cameron 4
Bone shown by a chest X-ray 3
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial child actress who wrote the memoir Little Girl Lost: 2 wds. 13
A basic Hulu plan includes them 3
Deceptive ploy 4
Give off as radiation 4
Weather that impairs visibility for pilots 3
Accumulate 5
Stand by Me child actor who wrote the memoir Just a Geek: 2 wds. 10
Dessert at a wedding reception 4
Small Spanish appetizer 4
Rug rat 3
Desserts at bakeries 4
Necessary ___ (something unpleasant that has to be done) 4
Red Roof ___ (economy hotel chain) 3
State that's home to the NBA's Jazz 4
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actor Auberjonois 4
Camp bed 3
Confer knighthood upon 3
Memoirs ___ Geisha (2005 movie): 2 wds. 3
Chemicals in the body such as estrogen and testosterone 8
Garment with sleeves 5
Caffeine Free ___-Cola 4
Turn over ___ leaf: 2 wds. 4
Federal health insurance program 8
Give a push from below 5
Large industry fair for short 4
Actor Gunn of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies 4
Show featuring Andrew Dismukes and Punkie Johnson: Abbr. 3
Not too many: 2 wds. 4
Sitting around and letting someone else do the chores say 4
88-year-old actor Alan 4
The ___ of the Rings 4
Jamie Lee Curtis to Janet Leigh 8
Federal group that conducts audits: Abbr. 3
Like a candlelit dinner accompanied by soft music say 8
Colorful part of an eye 4
Backs a racehorse perhaps 4
Facial feature that may be arched 4
Interoffice note 4
In the ___ (personally in real life) 5
___ of Two Cities (Charles Dickens novel): 2 wds. 5
Hold up a second! 4
Store chain that is the largest individual user of wood in the world 4
Overhanging part of a roof 4
You could hear ___ drop!: 2 wds. 4
Computer's brain: Abbr. 3
Double Fantasy musical artist Yoko 3
Stuff that can create a blast: Abbr. 3

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