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General knowledge plays a crucial role in solving crosswords, especially the Guy crossword clue which has appeared on April 17 2024 Crosswords with Friends puzzle. The answer we have shared for Guy has a total of 3 letters but also has other possible answers listed below the main one. Clues often reference historical events, famous personalities, geographical locations, scientific terms, and popular culture. This makes crosswords not just a test of one's linguistic abilities but also an exercise in general knowledge and cultural literacy.

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A human being; -- opposed tobeast.
Especially: An adult male person; a grown-up male person, as distinguished from a woman or a child.
The human race; mankind.
The male portion of the human race.
One possessing in a high degree the distinctive qualities of manhood; one having manly excellence of any kind.
An adult male servant; also, a vassal; a subject.
A term of familiar address often implying on the part of the speaker some degree of authority, impatience, or haste; as, Come, man, we 've no time to lose!
A married man; a husband; -- correlative to wife.
One, or any one, indefinitely; -- a modified survival of the Saxon use of man, or mon, as an indefinite pronoun.
One of the piece with which certain games, as chess or draughts, are played.
To supply with men; to furnish with a sufficient force or complement of men, as for management, service, defense, or the like; to guard; as, to man a ship, boat, or fort.
To furnish with strength for action; to prepare for efficiency; to fortify.
To tame, as a hawk.
To furnish with a servants.
To wait on as a manservant.

Listed here below we have the other possible answers to Guy crossword clue.

Rank Answer Clue Publisher
99% MAN Guy Crosswords with Friends
20% NYE Emmy-winning Science Guy Bill Crosswords with Friends
20% JOE ___ Schmo (regular guy) Crosswords with Friends
20% STEWIE Family Guy baby Crosswords with Friends
20% JIMCARREY Actor who played a modest guy who became a green superhero after donning Tthe Mask: 2 wds. Crosswords with Friends
20% ADMAN Guy who writes product pitches Crosswords with Friends

Recent Usage in Crossword Puzzles:

  • Crosswords with Friends, April 17 2024
  • Crosswords with Friends, April 8 2023
  • Crosswords with Friends, April 29 2021
  • Crosswords with Friends, January 31 2020

The most accurate solution to Guy crossword clue is MAN

There are a total of 3 letters in Guy crossword clue

The Guy crossword clue based on our database appeared on April 17 2024 Crosswords with Friends puzzle

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