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General knowledge plays a crucial role in solving crosswords, especially the Homophone of earn crossword clue which has appeared on April 9 2024 Crosswords with Friends puzzle. The answer we have shared for Homophone of earn has a total of 3 letters but also has other possible answers listed below the main one. Clues often reference historical events, famous personalities, geographical locations, scientific terms, and popular culture. This makes crosswords not just a test of one's linguistic abilities but also an exercise in general knowledge and cultural literacy.

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A vessel of various forms, usually a vase furnished with a foot or pedestal, employed for different purposes, as for holding liquids, for ornamental uses, for preserving the ashes of the dead after cremation, and anciently for holding lots to be drawn.
Fig.: Any place of burial; the grave.
A measure of capacity for liquids, containing about three gallons and a haft, wine measure. It was haft the amphora, and four times the congius.
A hollow body shaped like an urn, in which the spores of mosses are contained; a spore case; a theca.
A tea urn. See under Tea.
To inclose in, or as in, an urn; to inurn.

Listed here below we have the other possible answers to Homophone of earn crossword clue.

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99% URN Homophone of earn Crosswords with Friends

Recent Usage in Crossword Puzzles:

  • Crosswords with Friends, April 9 2024
  • Crosswords with Friends, March 29 2023
  • Crosswords with Friends, February 13 2022
  • Crosswords with Friends, October 15 2020

The most accurate solution to Homophone of earn crossword clue is URN

There are a total of 3 letters in Homophone of earn crossword clue

The Homophone of earn crossword clue based on our database appeared on April 9 2024 Crosswords with Friends puzzle

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