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General knowledge plays a crucial role in solving crosswords, especially the Irate crossword clue which has appeared on March 28 2024 Crosswords with Friends puzzle. The answer we have shared for Irate has a total of 3 letters but also has other possible answers listed below the main one. Clues often reference historical events, famous personalities, geographical locations, scientific terms, and popular culture. This makes crosswords not just a test of one's linguistic abilities but also an exercise in general knowledge and cultural literacy.

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A slattern.
The name of a female fairy, esp. the queen of the fairies; and hence, sometimes, any fairy.
p. p. of Made.
Disordered in intellect; crazy; insane.
Excited beyond self-control or the restraint of reason; inflamed by violent or uncontrollable desire, passion, or appetite; as, to be mad with terror, lust, or hatred; mad against political reform.
Proceeding from, or indicating, madness; expressing distraction; prompted by infatuation, fury, or extreme rashness.
Extravagant; immoderate.
Furious with rage, terror, or disease; -- said of the lower animals; as, a mad bull; esp., having hydrophobia; rabid; as, a mad dog.
Angry; out of patience; vexed; as, to get mad at a person.
Having impaired polarity; -- applied to a compass needle.
To make mad or furious; to madden.
To be mad; to go mad; to rave. See Madding.
An earthworm.

Listed here below we have the other possible answers to Irate crossword clue.

Rank Answer Clue Publisher
99% MAD Irate Crosswords with Friends
20% MAST Pole that may support a pirate flag Crosswords with Friends
20% RUM Pirates' alcohol Crosswords with Friends
20% AYE Pirate's yes Crosswords with Friends
20% ARAB United ___ Emirates (Dubai's nation) Crosswords with Friends
20% SPARROW Depp's pirate character in five movies Crosswords with Friends

Recent Usage in Crossword Puzzles:

  • Crosswords with Friends, March 28 2024
  • Crosswords with Friends, March 10 2023
  • Crosswords with Friends, September 19 2020

The most accurate solution to Irate crossword clue is MAD

There are a total of 3 letters in Irate crossword clue

The Irate crossword clue based on our database appeared on March 28 2024 Crosswords with Friends puzzle

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