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General knowledge plays a crucial role in solving crosswords, especially the Newborn's bed crossword clue which has appeared on December 16 2023 Crosswords with Friends puzzle. The answer we have shared for Newborn's bed has a total of 4 letters but also has other possible answers listed below the main one. Clues often reference historical events, famous personalities, geographical locations, scientific terms, and popular culture. This makes crosswords not just a test of one's linguistic abilities but also an exercise in general knowledge and cultural literacy.

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A manger or rack; a feeding place for animals.
A stall for oxen or other cattle.
A small inclosed bedstead or cot for a child.
A box or bin, or similar wooden structure, for storing grain, salt, etc.; as, a crib for corn or oats.
A hovel; a hut; a cottage.
A structure or frame of timber for a foundation, or for supporting a roof, or for lining a shaft.
A structure of logs to be anchored with stones; -- used for docks, pier, dams, etc.
A small raft of timber.
A small theft; anything purloined;; a plagiaris/; hence, a translation or key, etc., to aid a student in preparing or reciting his lessons.
A miner's luncheon.
The discarded cards which the dealer can use in scoring points in cribbage.
To shut up or confine in a narrow habitation; to cage; to cramp.
To pilfer or purloin; hence, to steal from an author; to appropriate; to plagiarize; as, to crib a line from Milton.
To crowd together, or to be confined, as in a crib or in narrow accommodations.
To make notes for dishonest use in recitation or examination.
To seize the manger or other solid object with the teeth and draw in wind; -- said of a horse.

Listed here below we have the other possible answers to Newborn's bed crossword clue.

Rank Answer Clue Publisher
99% CRIB Newborn's bed Crosswords with Friends

Recent Usage in Crossword Puzzles:

  • Crosswords with Friends, December 16 2023

The most accurate solution to Newborn's bed crossword clue is CRIB

There are a total of 4 letters in Newborn's bed crossword clue

The Newborn's bed crossword clue based on our database appeared on December 16 2023 Crosswords with Friends puzzle

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