White ___ (sign of surrender) Crossword Clue

General knowledge plays a crucial role in solving crosswords, especially the White ___ (sign of surrender) crossword clue which has appeared on January 22 2024 Daily Themed Crossword puzzle. The answer we have shared for White ___ (sign of surrender) has a total of 4 letters but also has other possible answers listed below the main one. Clues often reference historical events, famous personalities, geographical locations, scientific terms, and popular culture. This makes crosswords not just a test of one's linguistic abilities but also an exercise in general knowledge and cultural literacy.

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To hang loose without stiffness; to bend down, as flexible bodies; to be loose, yielding, limp.
To droop; to grow spiritless; to lose vigor; to languish; as, the spirits flag; the streugth flags.
To let droop; to suffer to fall, or let fall, into feebleness; as, to flag the wings.
To enervate; to exhaust the vigor or elasticity of.
That which flags or hangs down loosely.
A cloth usually bearing a device or devices and used to indicate nationality, party, etc., or to give or ask information; -- commonly attached to a staff to be waved by the wind; a standard; a banner; an ensign; the colors; as, the national flag; a military or a naval flag.
A group of feathers on the lower part of the legs of certain hawks, owls, etc.
A group of elongated wing feathers in certain hawks.
The bushy tail of a dog, as of a setter.
To signal to with a flag; as, to flag a train.
To convey, as a message, by means of flag signals; as, to flag an order to troops or vessels at a distance.
An aquatic plant, with long, ensiform leaves, belonging to either of the genera Iris and Acorus.
To furnish or deck out with flags.
A flat stone used for paving.
Any hard, evenly stratified sandstone, which splits into layers suitable for flagstones.
To lay with flags of flat stones.

Listed here below we have the other possible answers to White ___ (sign of surrender) crossword clue.

Rank Answer Clue Publisher
99% FLAG White ___ (sign of surrender) Daily Themed

Recent Usage in Crossword Puzzles:

  • Daily Themed Crossword, January 22 2024

The most accurate solution to White ___ (sign of surrender) crossword clue is FLAG

There are a total of 4 letters in White ___ (sign of surrender) crossword clue

The White ___ (sign of surrender) crossword clue based on our database appeared on January 22 2024 Daily Themed Crossword puzzle

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