Clues starting with A

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter A. There are a total of 7109 clues that start with the letter A.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Abhor 4
Amazon smart speaker featuring Alexa 4
A ___ in the Pod (maternity clothing store chain) 3
Applied WD-40 to 5
Actor Holbrook 3
And so on: Abbr. 3
A delayed plane takeoff may push it back: Abbr. 3
Annoying little bug 4
Animal that says hee-haw 3
About 77% of Russia is there 4
Amazon founder who's the richest American according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index ($112 billion as of 11/1/19): 2 wds. 9
Art student's collected work 9
Ask intrusive questions 3
Actress Seydoux of The Grand Budapest Hotel 3
Actress who played Lynne Cheney in Vice: 2 wds. 8
Actor Jeremy of HBO's Watchmen 5
Actor Studi who received an Academy Honorary Award in 2019 3
A little moist 4
Actress Kendrick of the Twilight movies 4
Andrea Mitchell Reports channel 5
Abbreviation that cuts a list of things short 3
Actress Larson who plays Captain Marvel 4
Actress Kunis of Bad Moms 4
American Housewife actress Wong 3
Ancient Greek philosopher 5
A Nightmare on ___ Street 2: Freddy's Revenge 3
Athlete's numbers for short 5
Artist Yoko 3
Accessory that gets knotted near the Adam's apple 3
Ancient tales featuring gods 5

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