Clues starting with T

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter T. There are a total of 8683 clues that start with the letter T.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Talent show hosts: Abbr. 3
Take My Breath ___ (1986 hit from the Top Gun soundtrack) 4
The Grudge actor John 3
Tiny amounts 5
Task list: Hyph. 4
The ___ of the Furious (2017 film) 4
The Greatest boxer Muhammad 3
The ___ That Refreshes 1929 Coca-Cola slogan that may remind you to take a break 5
Take advantage of 3
The first O in EVOO 5
Turns on as an alarm 4
Tube-shaped pasta 5
Type of saxophone smaller than a tenor 4
Two-door automobile 5
Tiny sugar-loving critter 3
Title one uses before becoming Mrs. 4
Tofu source 3
Transport for rugged roads: Abbr. 3
T-shirt or turtleneck for example 3
Tiny bit of liquid 4
The Lead With Jake Tapper channel 3
The Knick actress Hewson 3
Tree-hacking tool 3
Ticklish Muppet? 4
The whole amount 5
Two and a Half ___ Jon Cryer starrer 3
Troublemaking toddler 3
Thinly spread 6
Taro-based mash 3
The S in EST for short 3

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