Clues starting with T

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter T. There are a total of 8975 clues that start with the letter T.

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Clue Answer # Letters
The Road Not ___ by Robert Frost 5
Tone ___ rapper of Funky Cold Medina 3
The Buckeye State 4
Teeth cleaner in a tube 5
Texter's palindrome for laughter: Abbr. 3
Tank filler 3
TV interruptions for short 3
The Potato State 5
That woman 3
Time teller like a Rolex that can make for a good Father's Day gift 5
Toothy gear (rhymes with log) 3
Tolkien monster 3
Timid or shy 4
The ___ of Happyness 2006 biographical drama film starring Will Smith 7
Te ___ (I love you in Spanish) 3
Time zone of Los Angeles: Abbr. 3
Tax-deferred plan: Abbr. 3
Through on maps 3
The ___ Knight movie starring Heath Ledger 4
The ___ Circus Spanish-French comedy film that features clown characters 4
Take in as a puppy from a shelter 5
TV room perhaps 3
The Book of ___ (2010 Denzel Washington film) 3
The ___ Doctor medical drama TV series starring Freddie Highmore that is a remake of the South Korean series of the same name 4
The ___ reality TV series featuring 4 judges that is based on the original Dutch singing show 5
Trick or deceive someone 3
The ___ mockumentary TV series starring John Krasinski that is inspired by the British series of the same name 6
Tap of appreciation on the back 3
The Karate ___ martial arts film about an underdog pre-teen fighter who goes on to win the final fight 3
Tiny amount 4

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