Clues starting with C

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter C. There are a total of 7368 clues that start with the letter C.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Channel that airs the Little League World Series 4
Clumsy chap say 3
Calypso-influenced Caribbean genre (anagram of ask) 3
Cupid's missile 5
Continent with Zambia and Zimbabwe for short 3
Canada's capital city 6
Color with such shades as bone and ivory 5
Center of a cyclone 3
Contact ___ (alternative to spectacles) 4
Charged particle in a particle accelerator 3
Continent with Turkmenistan 4
Channel on which Dana Bash hosts Inside Politics 3
Carmaker whose name roughly translates as rising from Asia 3
Currency used by over 300 million people 4
Crude shelter 3
Cobra ___ (series based on The Karate Kid) 3
Competitor of Skippy and Peter Pan 3
Comical Comedy Central event 5
Cagney & ___ popular '80s police procedural 5
Ctrl+S command on a PC 4
Cry of disgust 3
Chair or table part 3
Coach ___ 2005 biographical sports film starring Samuel L. Jackson as the titular coach 6
Cheer from soccer fans 3
Consecutive alphabet trio that spells a name 3
Crinkly-leafed cabbage 4
Cat Scratch Fever rocker Nugent 3 listing 4
Comes to a finish 4
Cat sound opposite to a purr 4

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