Clues starting with C

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter C. There are a total of 8143 clues that start with the letter C.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Chomp down on 4
Comic book legend Lee 4
Clotted milk used for cheese-making 4
Clever like a fox 3
Crumbly cheese in a Greek salad 4
Cut with an axe 3
Cute gummy shape 4
Cool! in the '90s 3
Clear an exam say 4
Classic Chevy muscle car for short 5
California's Fort ___ 3
Cozy hideout for bears 3
Crossword direction that is not down for short 3
Cow's word 3
Chicago ___ NBA team known for players like Michael Jordan named for adult male cattle 5
Cameraman's cry 6
Conclude 3
Creamy cookie 4
Car company with the slogan Progress Through Technology 4
Collection of information in a spreadsheet: 2 wds. 7
Charity for the poor 4
Comedian Love who was a cohost of The Real 4
Cunning 3
Company that makes soda and tonic water 6
Comcast and MSN for two: Abbr. 4
Catch red-handed 3
Comfy nightwear for short 3
Cuddling in the park e.g.: Abbr. 3
Comes to a halt 4
Crazy as a ___ 4

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