Clues starting with C

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter C. There are a total of 8106 clues that start with the letter C.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Catch you later! 3
Classic toy controlled with a string: Hyph. 4
Captain's journal 3
Ctrl-___-Del 3
Coarse filing tool 4
Corporation heads briefly 5
Country south of Canada: Abbr. 3
Cat's hand 3
Caffe ___ coffee drink named for NYC's country that was popularized in Italy 9
Craft with yarn 4
Chow down 3
Civil War general Ulysses S. ___ 5
Catamaran for example 4
Currently holding down a job 8
Chihuahua for one 3
Chore on a to-do list 4
Chicken ___ king: 2 wds. 3
Chinese takeout additive: Abbr. 3
Come in last 4
Cash from a German ATM 4
Crave for some Japanese? 3
Can we go somewhere ___? 4
Cul-de-___ (dead end) 3
Chomp down on 4
Comic book legend Lee 4
Clotted milk used for cheese-making 4
Clever like a fox 3
Crumbly cheese in a Greek salad 4
Cut with an axe 3
Cute gummy shape 4

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