Clues starting with A

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter A. There are a total of 7144 clues that start with the letter A.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Artists on Songland whose Sucker was a #1 Billboard hit in 2019: 2 wds. 13
Artist on NBC's Songland whose The Heist with Ryan Lewis won a 2014 Grammy for best rap album 10
At the same ___ (simultaneously) 4
And others as well: Abbr. 3
Actress Petty of Orange Is the New Black 4
Add artificial color to 3
Apprehend as a burglar 3
Audibly express relief 4
Avarice or wrath for example 3
A Beautiful Mind director who is a Tony away from completing the EGOT: 2 wds. 9
Animal that bears a lamb 3
Armor-___ (dressed like a knight) 4
A Dog's Journey star Helgenberger 4
Athlete in the majors 3
Asian country where Tenzing-Hillary Airport is located 5
Arriving at 4:30 when the appointment was for 4:00 for example 4
Aren't you a sight for ___ eyes! 4
Armed conflicts 4
Actor Berenger 3
Assists 5
Act as in a play 7
Alcohol in a Singapore Sling 3
Al of An Inconvenient Truth 4
Animal that can learn sign language 3
Alabama-to-Georgia direction 4
Acquire through effort 4
Asian currency whose symbol is ¥ 3
A bit wet 4
Alternative to ride-sharing 3
Actress Ridley of the Star Wars movies 5

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