Clues starting with D

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter D. There are a total of 3844 clues that start with the letter D.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Dirt clump (anagram of cold) 4
Device that responds to Alexa 4
Decorative vase or coffee holder 3
Dead language spoken in ancient Rome and the linguistic origin of languages at 29a 44a 7d and 38d 5
Diamonds ___ Forever (Sean Connery film) 3
Droop like aged skin 3
Dirt collector at the door 3
Duolingo or Spotify for short 3
Druggist's store for short 5
Deep hole in the ground 3
Degree holder for short 4
Decay 3
Demolition crew's material: Abbr. 3
DO NOT ___ (keep out sign) 5
Dull pains 5
Draw away from the shore as the tide 3
Direction you'll find by rearranging the letters in seat 4
Dobby Galadriel or Legolas e.g. 3
Days of ___ (olden times) 4
Double Fantasy musical artist Yoko 3
Desserts at bakeries 4
Dessert at a wedding reception 4
Deceptive ploy 4
Dear ___ Hansen (2016 Broadway musical) 4
Do detail work after mowing 4
Dallas Mavericks power forward elected to the Hall of Fame in 2023: 2 wds. 12
Dangerous stuff in cigarettes 3
Daniel Kaluuya movie involving a UFO 4
Don't look a ___ horse in the mouth 4
Dog ___ Afternoon 1975 Oscar-winning biographical crime drama starring Al Pacino with no soundtrack 3

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