Clues starting with E

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter E. There are a total of 2608 clues that start with the letter E.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Eco-friendly power source 3
Exclamation popularized by Homer Simpson 3
Essential equipment for a bench press 3
Exploitative people 5
Elite pro athletes selected to play in a special exhibition game: Hyph. 8
Ex-president who once co-owned the 30-Across and who threw out the first pitch of the 2023 World Series: 3 wds. 11
Easy as ___ (English alphabet starters) 3
Expensive cut of beef: Hyph. 5
Enjoy a roller rink 5
Enjoyed a feast 3
Everyone knows that! 3
Exam for attorneys-to-be: Abbr. 4
Early astronomer known for work with a telescope 7
Elected official for short 3
Employer of US spies: Abbr. 3
Empire State Building city: Abbr. 3
Elvis ___ left the building... 3
European peak 3
Emissions checks for cars: 2 wds. 9
Exercise for the abs: Hyph. 5
End of a nonprofit's URL 3
Edible fish packaged in a tin 7
End of a university's URL 3
Element whose symbol is Fe 4
End of many superhero names 3
Extra money for a hairstylist 3
Exam for high school juniors: Abbr. 4
Effect that can correct off-key notes: Hyph. 8
Every cloud ___ a silver lining 3
Extreme severity 5

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