Clues starting with F

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter F. There are a total of 5030 clues that start with the letter F.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Farm with fruit trees 7
Football pass caught by the defense: Abbr. 3
Forrest Gump actor who played grounded Command Module Pilot Ken Mattingly in Apollo 13: 2 wds. 10
Footloose actor who played Command Module Pilot Jack Swigert in Apollo 13: 2 wds. 10
February and March for example: Abbr. 3
Fuel for old steam trains 4
Friend in Australia 4
Facial problem that could embarrass a teenager 4
Fast-running bird of Australia 3
Former Lakers player and 11-time NBA All-Star who scored 60 points in a game four times: 2 wds. 11
Former Bulls player and 14-time NBA All-Star who scored 60 points in a game five times: 2 wds. 13
Former NCIS forensic scientist Sciuto 4
Financial convenience in a convenience store: Abbr. 3
Felt nostalgic about 6
Female mouse koala or deer 3
First Native American man to be elected vice president on the Republican Party ticket (1928): 2 wds. 13
First-time player in online gamer slang 4
First Native American woman to run for vice president on the Citizens Party ticket (1980): 2 wds. 13
Fairy tale monster who often carries a club 4
Fortes Tellurides and Souls for example 4
Facetune and Candy Crush Saga for example 4
Flunk 4
Furniture store that also sells meatballs 4
First-class: Hyph. 4
Faux ___ (blunder) 3
Fluid that a mechanic might change in your car 3
Fail to keep up 3
Freezer ___ (grocery store section) 5
Flightless bird from New Zealand or a nickname for someone from New Zealand 4
Frilly white material 4

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