Clues starting with G

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter G. There are a total of 4431 clues that start with the letter G.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Glowing gas in bright signs 4
Gems with glints of rainbow color 5
Give ___ second chance please!: 2 wds. 3
Guided wildlife tour as in the Serengeti 6
Great card to draw in blackjack 3
Green pot pie legume 3
Go ___ snail's pace: 2 wds. 3
Group of warships 5
Grassy lawn patch 3
Game show hosts for short 3
Get close to or near to say 8
Gobi or Sahara e.g. 6
German Alas! (anagram of cha) 3
Go to an event like the Oscars say 6
Gillette's ___ Plus razor 4
Get ___ of (chuck out) 3
GoodFellas actor Joe 5
Garden plot with flowers 3
Growing Up ___ (former reality show about a mob family) 5
Gang's territory 4
Grab a seat 3
Gallery curator's pick 3
Greek fable writer 5
Goodbye in Genoa 4
Group including Mystique and Wolverine: Hyph. 4
Gave cash at a store say 4
Get outta here you pest! 4
Grand ___ Opry 3
Give it the old college ___ 3
Green garnish in many cocktails 4

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