Clues starting with H

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter H. There are a total of 4494 clues that start with the letter H.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Help us please! 3
Halloween actress who guest-stars as Carmy's mother Donna on a 2023 flashback episode of The Bear: 3 wds. 14
How long ___ was that? 3
How gross! cry 3
Hidden ___ (secret motive) 6
Huh? I didn't hear you 4
Hula hooping joint 3
Have a bawl 3
Happen 5
Headed for the hills 3
Has on like a coat or hat 5
Horse's sound 5
Honey maker 3
Hot item in a pottery studio 4
Hair goop 3
Humpback home 5
Hawaiian floral necklace 3
Hollywood red carpet walker? 4
Hairdo for Jimi Hendrix 4
Honest ___ President Lincoln's nickname 3
Hankering 4
Hockey Hall of Famer Bobby 3
Highway construction marker 5
Homer's father on The Simpsons 3
How to ___ Your Dragon movie series that features dragons 5
Heart scan lines: Abbr. 3
Hold on a ___ (Give me a moment) 3
Have an ___ up one's sleeve phrase for a tennis newbie? 3
Highest point 4
Hold title to 3

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