Clues starting with H

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter H. There are a total of 3968 clues that start with the letter H.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Hair styling product for a slick finish 3
Honey-colored fossil preserver 5
Headwear for an angel costume 4
Had debts 4
High-speed Internet option: Abbr. 3
Heavy weight 3
Hen home 4
Hint in a crossword puzzle 4
Homophone of your 4
Hard-to-see clothes for a hunter for short 4
Homophone of bore 4
Hammer-wielding Norse god of thunder 4
Hawaiian coffee region 4
Hesitate? 3
Head-slapper's cry? 3
Haha! on text: Abbr. 3
Houston MLB player 5
Husbands and wives 7
Home to a pig 3
Heavenly ring of light 4
Have an oops moment 3
Highway 4
High gentle toss 3
High school dance night 4
Having minimal fat say 4
Hinged garden entrance 4
Hair ringlet say 4
Humble grass dwellings with thatched roofs 4
Hellboy actor McShane 3
Harper's ___ fashion magazine that featured Lauren Bacall as the cover star during her teenage days 6

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