Clues starting with I

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter I. There are a total of 3754 clues that start with the letter I.

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Clue Answer # Letters
In January he became baseball's first unanimous Hall of Fame electee: 2 wds. 13
Instinct actor Cumming 4
Image made up of small tiles 6
Industrial rock band whose instrumental 34 Ghosts IV is sampled in Old Town Road: 3 wds. 13
It's not ___ me (I don't decide): 2 wds. 4
It makes beer ferment 5
If it ain't ___ don't fix it 5
ISP whose home page has links to Encarta and Outlook 3
Inbound flight prediction: Abbr. 3
It had a chat service called Instant Messenger 3
It might be pulled by oxen 4
In need of a heat rub maybe 4
I ___ your pardon! 3
I'm amused in a text 3
In great supply 5
It's the ___ of my existence 4
Item inserted into a light fixture 4
Ice-breaking tool 4
In 2019 27-/37-Across won her second Grand Slam title at this Melbourne tournament: 2 wds. 14
If I Only ___ a Brain (song from The Wizard of Oz) 3
It could be served in a tankard or stein 3
I don't ___ you anything! 3
If ___ a nickel for every time ...: 2 wds. 4
If or Jabberwocky for example 4
It sometimes gets on your hands when you read a newspaper 3
Insult to a rapper 3
Itchy problem caused by poison ivy 4
Image on a GPS display 3
It just ___ fair! 4
It's just ___ feared!: 2 wds. 3

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