Clues starting with I

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter I. There are a total of 4149 clues that start with the letter I.

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Clue Answer # Letters
I really hate this 3
I ___ a vacation! 4
I need to get some ___ (I'm going out for a walk) 3
It's not a win or a tie 4
It's either him ___ (lover's ultimatum): 2 wds. 4
I'm not gonna ___ ... (Believe me when I say ...) 3
I ___ Rock (Simon & Garfunkel song): 2 wds. 3
Item to hang towels from 3
I ___ bad moon rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival lyric): 2 wds. 4
It's the start of a new ___ (History is changing) 3
Insect that builds a honeycomb 3
iPhone assistant 4
Iridescent gemstone 4
Insect that might be a worker or soldier 3
I had no ___! (What a surprise!) 4
Impractical Jokers comedian Vulcano 3
Item in a child's letter to Santa 3
Indoor animals 4
Ill-behaved person 4
I ___ you one! (words of gratitude) 3
It makes ripples beside a canoe 3
It's All Right R&B group that recorded 48-Across: 2 wds. 14
It may be served sunny-side up 3
In the past 3
Information on nearly all ID cards 4
It might display rivers mountains and national boundaries 3
I have something to say ... 4
If looks could ___ ... 4
I can't believe this is happening to me!: 2 wds. 4
It may be used to stuff a scarecrow 3

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