Clues starting with I

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter I. There are a total of 4143 clues that start with the letter I.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Indian beach state 3
In perfect working order: Hyph. 3
Informal yes 3
It may help you take the right turns: Abbr. 3
In the center of 4
I Saw ___ Standing There (Beatles hit) 3
It's still a ___ in progress 4
Italian grandma 5
IHOP competitor 6
Internet service provider in the movie You've Got Mail 3
Item that might be used by someone with a limp 4
I'm such a butterfingers! 4
I Like ___ (Eisenhower campaign slogan) 3
It's ___ Lickin' Good 1956 KFC slogan that may remind you of the bucket chicken 6
In a sorrowful mood 3
Ice cream holder that's edible 4
In the past 3
Initials before an alias 3
In-N-___ Burger 3
Iron source in pirate stories perhaps 3
It's your ___ fault 3
Inspection organization at an airport: Abbr. 3
It was never ___ the money! 5
Inter ___ (among other things) 4
Internet figure who upsets people 5
Indianapolis ___ NFL team where Peyton Manning played for thirteen seasons 5
Instagram hashtag for a little nostalgia: Abbr. 3
I'm Just ___ song from Barbie performed by Ryan Gosling 3
In a lowered position ready to pop the question: 3 wds. 9
Issa of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse 3

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