Clues starting with J

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter J. There are a total of 1242 clues that start with the letter J.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Jet ___ (traveler's problem) 3
Joint that's bent when protesting or proposing 4
Junior Navy rank for short 3
Jean-___ Picard (sci-fi captain) 3
Joint that may be slapped while laughing 4
Justin Bieber's music genre 3
Jamie ___ Curtis who starred in True Lies 3
James Bond author ___ Fleming 3
Jazz band instrument for short 3
Just Mercy actor ___ Jackson Jr. who is Ice Cube's son 5
J.F.K.'s predecessor who was nicknamed Ike: Abbr. 3
John Quincy ___ sixth President of the United States who was also a skilled flute player 5
Judge's demand? 5
Jimmy Fallon's network: Abbr. 3
James Bond or Johnny English e.g. 3
Jam-packed 4
James ___ Carter (the 39th US president) 4
Just average: Hyph. 4
Jack Ryan's organization: Abbr. 3
Jane the Virgin actor who plays Ryle in It Ends With Us: 2 wds. 13
Julie Andrews' The ___ of Music 5
Joshua ___ National Park 4
Jamie Lee Curtis to Janet Leigh 8
Jackson ___ 20th century American abstract painter known for his unique drip technique 7
Jenny from the Block singer fondly 3
Jelly ___ (colorful candy) 4
Jagged rock 4
Just a ___ (wee bit) 3
Jesus: ___ Life (History Channel series) 3
Japanese soup base 4

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