Clues starting with K

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter K. There are a total of 905 clues that start with the letter K.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Kind of animal voiced by Keegan-Michael Key in the 2019 film The Lion King 5
Kind of whiskey 3
Kismet 4
King Kong for one 3
Kitchen appliance brand 5
Kitchen or den for example 4
Kate Middleton's sister 5
Kindergartners recite them 4
Key lime and banana cream for two 4
Keg spigots 4
Kings of ___ (Use Somebody band) 4
Key ingredient in an omelet 3
Korean car manufacturer 3
Kind of sauce in a Chinese restaurant 3
Kid in a stroller 3
Kid-lit elephant who wears a green suit 5
Kate McKinnon's show on NBC: Abbr. 3
Keebler cookie maker in ads 3
Kiddie-lit elephant who marries his cousin Celeste 5
Knock the socks off 3
Killing ___ (spy series) 3
Kicks out of a country 6
Knighted actor McKellen 3
Kill two birds with ___ stone 3
Keep your head ___ water 5
Kyle's little brother on South Park 3
Keep at it 7
Kitten's cry 4
Kate's husband on This Is Us 4
Kelly Clarkson's ___ U Been Gone 5

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