Clues starting with M

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter M. There are a total of 5438 clues that start with the letter M.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Moe Howard Larry Fine or Curly Howard 6
Moths make them in wool sweaters 5
Modern Comfort Food author Garten 3
Muscles bared by a crop top 3
Make an attempt 3
Miniature model of Earth in geography class 5
Muddy farm enclosure 3
Mets' stadium before Citi Field 4
Many many years 3
Mumbai's country 5
Made an earnest appeal in court 4
Mr. ___ Rowan Atkinson's goofy character 4
Make socks or a sweater say 4
Mosaic piece 4
Millions of millennia say 3
Modest bed 3
Movie promos 7
Major organ in digestion 7
Mother or father's sister 4
Make wealthier 6
Most important celebration in Vietnam 3
Mike and ___ (rhyming fruit candy) 3
Machines that may run Windows: Abbr. 3
Major credit card for short 4
Mexico's monetary unit 4
Mentally stable 4
Make a ditch 3
Macho guy: Hyph. 5
Microsoft's famous real-time strategy game: Abbr. 3
My country ___ of thee... 3

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