Clues starting with N

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter N. There are a total of 3204 clues that start with the letter N.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Not as polite 5
Not shallow 4
NBC morning show with Hoda Kotb 5
Noah's watercraft 3
Nervous mannerism 3
Not exciting or interesting 4
Necessitate a deposit into the swear jar 4
Notable time period 3
Now hold ___ minute!: 2 wds. 3
NOS4A2 cable channel 3
Number that's diez in Spanish 3
Nowhere near 3
Not much to ___ at (unattractive) 4
Nintendo console unveiled in 2006 3
Nocturnal bird that delivers mail to Harry Potter 3
Not quite medium in terms of beef 4
NPR host Glass 3
Nabisco sandwich cookie 4
Not long ___ (in the recent past) 3
Needing a refill 5
Narcissists have large ones 4
Neither here ___ there 3
NASCAR events 5
Negligent 6
Numerically the first extra inning in a baseball game 5
Nearer My God to ___ (hymn) 4
New Age musician and radio host John 4
Not false 4
Not as far away 6
Network that first aired Fleabag 3

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