Clues starting with P

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter P. There are a total of 7100 clues that start with the letter P.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Prepare as a dinner table 3
Pull with a crowbar 3
Person who introduces the presenters on the Oscars telecast 4
Pious character on The Simpsons 3
Pet that's taken out for walks 3
PBS/HBO series for preschoolers featuring Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch: 2 wds. 12
Prefix for fortune or understanding 3
Play-___ (brand of modeling clay) 3
Prevent from having kittens 4
Pale purple color that's often pinker than lilac 5
Part of the face that could be described as Roman or Grecian 4
Potentially valuable stuff found underground 3
Place where you might experience aromatherapy 3
Prepare avocados for guacamole for example 4
Prefix for rival or conservative 4
Penny ___ poker 4
Popular cookie for over a century 4
Part of the skin that could get clogged 4
Pandora station that plays songs by I Prevail and Fall Out Boy 3
Pubs 4
Person who's neither higher nor lower than you socially 4
Performs in a drama 4
Polytheists believe in many of them 4
Pull hard 3
Person casting a ballot 5
Pinkish like a person's complexion 4
Put decorations on 5
Put in place like a war correspondent 5
Plaything that moves up and down: Hyph. 4
Prophetic sign 4

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