Clues starting with P

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter P. There are a total of 7584 clues that start with the letter P.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Prefix with present or potent 4
Play the part 3
Paul Anka's ___ Beso 3
Prunes as tree limbs 4
Parking unit 3
Prefix with natal 3
Poet Edgar Allan whose last name sounds like Po 3
Prince Valiant's son 3
Polka ___ (vintage pattern) 3
Priyanka Chopra's country for short 3
Primal Fear actor Richard 4
Potential downsides 5
Pronounces 4
Pump ___ (lift weights) 4
Parts of a decade: Abbr. 3
Pitfalls 5
Prefix with logue or center 3
Pilates class essential 3
Peace sign phonetically 3
Place to see comets 3
Pop singer Brickell 4
Presentation at an expo for short 4
Pinocchio's downfall 3
Prefix with science or potent 4
Part of 22d with four fingers and a thumb 4
Pennsylvania city 4
Puts chips down at the blackjack table say 4
Pale order in a pub 3
Place to have a soak 3
Put through a sieve 4

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