Clues starting with R

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter R. There are a total of 3398 clues that start with the letter R.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Rodents in lab mazes 4
Rise of the Planet of the ___ (2011 movie) 4
Rankle 3
Respected seniors in a community 6
Rubber item on a car 4
Respectful term of address for a woman 5
Rude unrefined people 5
Rowing tool in a boathouse 3
Red-carpet walker: Abbr. 3
Reindeer's foot 4
Round toy on a string: Hyph. 4
Rock genre known for dark heavy makeup 3
Red Solo Cup singer whose songs have spent 53 weeks at #1 on Billboard's Hot Country chart: 2 wds. 9
Regret very much 3
Red Sox Hall of Famer Williams 3
Right on the nose 8
Richard of Pretty Woman 4
Reach for the ___! (Put your hands up!) 3
Right this minute 3
Rustic stopover for the night 3
Rice drink served with sashimi 4
Rome ___ not built in a day 3
Run out of battery power 3
Remove from a soccer game after a red card say 5
Roof of the Capitol in Washington 4
Resorts with mud baths 4
Rip apart 4
Recap 7
Retained 4
Rival of Lyft 4

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