Clues starting with R

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter R. There are a total of 3810 clues that start with the letter R.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Rock that's mined 3
Reveals as one's soul 5
Rants and raves 5
Revolutions ___ minute 3
Receptionist on The Office 3
Rideshare company that bought Postmates in 2020 4
Rotting food's emanation 4
Rhinestone Cowboy singer Campbell 4
Rap singer/songwriter ___ Kim 3
Rope used in calf roping 5
Right up to this moment 3
Responder to a 911 call: Abbr. 3
Romp about merrily 6
Red Muppet with a pet goldfish 4
Religious factions (and near-homophone of 37-Across) 5
Responder to an iPhone query 4
Relax soldier!: 2 wds. 6
Rejuvenating resort 3
Residence ___ by Marriott (midrange hotel chain) 3
Really slow to do anything 4
Rotated 6
Roman emperor who legendarily played the fiddle 4
Roundish shape 4
Rushmore director Anderson 3
Residue from fireworks 3
Reader of a tech manual 4
Remain 4
Review that might say This movie is fantastic! 4
Rocks that might contain copper or iron 4
Rage 3

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