Clues starting with S

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter S. There are a total of 10886 clues that start with the letter S.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Solar energy source 3
Sash in Sasebo 3
School support group behind bake sales: Abbr. 3
Scissor sound 4
Six-pack muscles for short 3
Shallow ___ (Jack Black comedy) 3
Skating site 4
Strong longings 4
Spellbound 4
Schedule for later 5
Seating assistant in a stadium 5
Small fruity pie 4
Sailor's Mayday! 3
Started to call the shots? 3
Stand the ___ of time 4
Sis's sibling for short 3
Sweet tuber 3
Sound devices on concert stages 4
Sleepwear for kids for short 3
Symbol of the Black Lives Matter movement 4
Scouring-pad competitor of Scotch-Brite 3
So that's how it is! 3
Stringed toys that can do tricks: Hyph. 5
Special ___ (undercover missions) 3
Seek spare change 3
Start a tennis match 5
Skill in dealing with difficult issues 4
Suffix with journal for the profession involving news reporting 3
Sorry it's ___ from me: 2 wds. 3
Small glass container in a laboratory 4

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