Clues starting with A

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter A. There are a total of 6481 clues that start with the letter A.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Academic URL ender 3
Adjust as a watch 3
Actor Billy ___ Williams 3
Amulet or lucky charm 8
Alternative to owning an automobile: 2 wds. 8
At no ___ (for free) 4
Actress Shawkat of Arrested Development 4
Apple bearer in an orchard 4
Alphabet ender phonetically 3
Actress Hathaway known for the role of Mia Thermopolis 4
A day has 24 of these for short 3
Are we there ___? (impatient child's question perhaps) 3
As I was going to St. ___ ... (English nursery rhyme) 4
American brand of hiking and running shoes 4
Accessory worn around the waist 4
Animals that are related to reindeer 4
A Boy ___ Sue (Johnny Cash song) 5
Arctic ocean animal with prominent tusks and whiskers 6
Anaheim baseball team on scoreboards: Abbr. 3
Apple's now-famous personal computer that was first introduced in a famous 1984 commercial that aired during Super Bowl XVIII 9
Abduct as a person for ransom 6
Actor Gunn of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies 4
Accumulate 5
A basic Hulu plan includes them 3
Alien vessel in Independence Day: Abbr. 3
A cheerleader's prop when repeated twice 3
Ability that would be helpful when picking lottery numbers: Abbr. 3
Animal sound that Little Bo-Peep might have heard 3
Arrivederci! 4
Actor Stiller who codirects the TV series Severance 3

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