Clues starting with D

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter D. There are a total of 3855 clues that start with the letter D.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Drooly dog of the comics 4
Down in the dumps 3
Doublemint or Trident for one 3
Draped garment for a Roman nobleman 4
Diplomatic finesse 4
Deep distress 3
Dorothy's dog from The Wizard of Oz 4
Driver's 180-degree reversal: Hyph. 5
Door handle 4
Dr. Hunt of Grey's Anatomy 4
Deadly 5
Dad's boy 3
Details for short 4
Dear Sir or ___ (old-fashioned letter starter) 5
Discontinued insecticide letters 3
Drop full of emotions 4
Don't ask don't ___ 4
Don't take that ___ with me! 4
Dakota Fanning's actress sister 4
Don't ___ think about it! 4
Dab freshly applied lipstick with a tissue say 4
Delay as on a video call 3
Department of Labor regulatory agency: Abbr. 4
DC summer hours: Abbr. 3
Double ___ to like (Instagram function) 3
Dish of tossed vegetables 5
Dietary no-no perhaps 3
Demon's opposite 5
Degree from Wharton perhaps: Abbr. 3
Device that sprays water 4

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