Clues starting with E

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter E. There are a total of 2605 clues that start with the letter E.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Evil computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey 3
Elder son of Isaac 4
Eerie glow 4
Elementary particle 4
Expected behavior? 4
Entrusts to the postal service 5
Ed ___ and Eddy mischievous cartoon trio 3
Emit a foul stench 4
EMT's lifesaving procedure: Abbr. 3
Exclamation similar to Yuck! 3
Everything Everywhere All At ___ 2022 film starring Michelle Yeoh that won a record four SAG Awards 4
Explosive in sticks: Abbr. 3
Every Teardrop ___ Waterfall (Coldplay hit): 2 wds. 3
Express what someone else has already said (what you might do after strongly agreeing with an idea) 4
Explosives brand in Looney Tunes 4
Early Internet messaging pioneer: Abbr. 3
Egyptian canal that lets Mediterranean ships reach the Indian Ocean 4
Ending for Gator or Power 3
Elderly 3
Entry charge say 3
Explosive sound 4
Exit early in slang 4
Endearing term similar to sweetie for short 3
Eggs for fertilization 3
Eddie the ___ 2016 biographical sports film starring Taron Egerton as ski jumper Michael David Edwards 5
Empty space between teeth say 3
Elsa's sister in Frozen II 4
Employment agency listings 4
Euphoria actress who plays Julia Carpenter in Madame Web: 2 wds. 13
Extremely enthusiastic as a reader 4

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