Clues starting with E

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter E. There are a total of 2291 clues that start with the letter E.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Edmonton Oiler and LA King who was the NHL's MVP nine times from 1980 to 1989: 2 wds. 12
Exit full screen computer key 3
East of ___ (John Steinbeck novel) 4
Enthusiastic like an ardent fan 4
Ending for lemon or Gator 3
Exist 3
Either half of a colon 3
Ending for some sweet beverages 3
Eyes Without a Face singer Billy 4
Elizabethan ___ (historical age that overlaps with Shakespeare's life) 3
Either of two politicians from a state: Abbr. 3
Electronic device that might be attached to a lapel for short 3
Eh ___ seen better 3
Ending for harp or hobby 3
Edible alternatives to cups at an ice cream parlor 5
English class assignment 5
Event where you could get a good deal 4
Early Mexican empire 5
Elegantly stylish 4
Empire where Disney's The Emperor's New Groove is set 4
Entertain with jokes 5
Environmental activist Brockovich 4
European capital where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded 4
Eeny meeny miney ___ ... 3
Everyday ___ Winding Road (Sheryl Crow song): 2 wds. 3
Extraction 2 actress Kurylenko 4
Extend as a club membership 5
Element in a nuclear power plant 7
Egyptian goddess of fertility 4
Electric water creature 3

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