Clues starting with G

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter G. There are a total of 4404 clues that start with the letter G.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Garfield dog 4
Guess ___? (board game) 3
Great ___ (Marmaduke's breed) 4
Ginger ale for example 4
General Motors division that makes the Enclave and Regal 5
Got ___ of (ditched) 3
Gravelly voice 4
Group that runs the National School Lunch Program: Abbr. 4
Golfer Ernie who won four majors 3
Get a new home address 4
Go away bad kitty! 4
Great misfortunes 4
Great enthusiasm 4
Give up control of 4
Grocery store area for meats and cheese 4
Genetic evidence that could help convict a criminal: Abbr. 3
Guinness who won the Best Actor Oscar in 1958 4
Go wild in the streets 4
Genre for Nicholas Sparks 7
Game of Thrones actress Clarke 6
Girl Scout cookie with shredded coconut 5
Go beyond 6
Gnaw on 4
Gets hitched 4
Give permission to 3
Gets ___ of (puts in the trash) 3
Gets on as a plane 6
Goes out on dates with 4
Go through some ___ and downs 3
Glide down a snowy path 3

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