Clues starting with K

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter K. There are a total of 976 clues that start with the letter K.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Kawhi Leonard's league: Abbr. 3
Kitchen vessel voiced by Angela Lansbury in Beauty and the Beast 6
Ketchup maker that claims 57 Varieties 5
Klutzy 5
Kacey Musgraves single that won the 2019 Grammy for Best Country Song: 2 wds. 11
Killing ___ (BBC America show) 3
Krasinski who directed and starred in A Quiet Place 4
Kid who's just learning to walk and talk 3
Klutzy person's remark 4
Kitten later in life 3
Kourtney and and Khloé Kardashian to North West 5
Kind of bean in succotash 4
Korean-born actor Daniel ___ Kim 3
Kid who often interrupts Dagwood's naps in the comic strip Blondie 4
Killer whale 4
Key to the left of Q on a standard keyboard 3
Kenan Thompson's show since 2003: Abbr. 3
Kanye West's I ___ God: 2 wds. 3
Keanu's role in The Matrix 3
Know the tricks of the ___ 5
Kid who's not quite 13 yet 5
Kennedy who was a US senator for almost 47 years 3
Knowledgeable 4
Killed as a dragon 4
Kyle's Canadian brother on South Park 3
Keanu Reeves's character in the Matrix series 3
Kiddie ___ (books for children) 3
Kellogg's ___ Buttermilk Pancakes 4
Kim Kardashian to North West 3
Keep an ___ to the ground (be attentive) 3

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