Clues starting with P

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter P. There are a total of 7463 clues that start with the letter P.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Potato type with orange flesh that is used in Southern pies 5
Pass as a law 5
Potato type with brown skin that McDonald's uses for its signature fries 6
Portable music player that was commonly used in the '80s with mixtapes 7
Place for trash 3
Publishing firm ___ Jones & Company 3
President on the penny lovingly 3
Prefix with graph or mobile 4
Pirate's paycheck? 4
Prison room 4
Prince Valiant's son in the comics 3
Paparazzo's shot briefly 3
Precious find 3
Prophetic person (anagram of rees) 4
Palindromic fashion monthly 4
Pull hard 4
Payment to the government 3
Pinky ___ (promise) 5
Put your ___ up (relax) 4
Pig's digs 3
Pull with effort 4
Postman's drop-off 4
Prone to prying say 4
PC bailout key 3
Pampering initials at a spa 3
Pitch-black 4
Pressing device 4
Parsley or basil e.g. 4
Penultimate fairy tale word 4
Prefix with present or potent 4

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