Clues starting with U

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter U. There are a total of 1419 clues that start with the letter U.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Utters 4
Underground plant part 4
U.S. code and cipher organization: Abbr. 3
Uncrease as one's clothes 4
Unsatisfactory 3
Unhurried gait 4
Unpleasant noise 3
US tax agency: Abbr. 3
Unimportant argument 4
Unwanted skin visitor for a teen 4
Unmarried guy 8
Up to now 3
Used some adhesive 5
Upper-right icon on an Amazon page 4
Unusual occurrence that's unlikely to repeat 5
Unit of corn 3
United Arab Emirates city that boasts the world's tallest building 5
Uncooked 3
Uppermost limit for short 3
Unsettles 6
Unit of area in real estate listings 4
US president before Carter 4
Use a swizzle stick 4
Upper limit of salary 3
Unprocessed like some computer data 3
Uncluttered 4
Up-and-down toy: Hyph. 4
Unbearable smell 4
Unlikely to send the first message on a dating app 3
Use Microsoft Word for example 4

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