Clues starting with E

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter E. There are a total of 2604 clues that start with the letter E.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Egyptian boy king familiarly 3
Eucalyptus or elm 4
Edmonton's pro hockey team 6
Email junk folder 4
Experience an emotion 4
End-of-semester hurdle 4
EastEnders network: 2 wds. 6
Event hosts: Abbr. 3
Electronic calculator pioneer 5
Every ___ and then... 3
Eastern spiritual philosophy 3
Effortlessly 6
Eggy winter beverage 3
Elf actor who played Sherlock Holmes in Holmes & Watson: 2 wds. 11
Every single one 3
European speed measure: Abbr. 3
Explosive material: Abbr. 3
Event for which high schoolers might ride in a limo 4
Emerged victorious 3
Essay expressing a columnist's views: Hyph. 4
Early internet provider: Abbr. 3
Everything or everyone 3
Earth or Neptune e.g. 6
Employee at a prison 6
Every Shakespeare play has five of them 4
English actress Judy ___ of Yesterday's Dreams 3
Electric fish 3
Egypt's capital city 5
Even once 4
Entrance ___ (cost of admission) 3

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