Clues starting with E

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter E. There are a total of 2604 clues that start with the letter E.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Explosive letters? 3
Every dog ___ its day 3
Expose to danger 4
Elsbeth network 3
Explosion in space 4
Eighth month of the year for short 3
Embellish or decorate say 5
ER workers for short 3
Exclamation like Nifty! or Swell! 4
Easy pace on a fitness trail 3
Extremely small amount 4
Elephant tooth 4
Endeavor 3
Ernie's Sesame Street roommate 4
E in NATO phonetic alphabet 4
Ending for symbol or spiritual 3
Eyebrow shape 4
Eight in Madrid 4
Eyeliner ruiner 4
Eggs in a lab 3
Eureka! 3
Ecstatic internet cheer 4
Escape ___ (activity with clues) 4
Eww gross! 3
Extremely fast African cat 7
Elite operative in the US Navy 4
Embroider e.g. 3
Essential breathing requirement 3
Explorer with a talking backpack 4
Explore the sea say 4

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