Clues starting with L

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter L. There are a total of 4914 clues that start with the letter L.

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Clue Answer # Letters
List-ending abbreviation 3
Large cup for coffee 3
Liquid courage unit? 4
Lone Star State school: Abbr. 4
Light bulb indication? 4
Leave the Door ___ song by Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak or something you might do when guests are expected 4
Look before you ___ 4
Lewis Carroll for Charles Dodgson: 2 wds. 7
Leave a Tender Moment ___ (Billy Joel song) 5
Lion's home backward 3
Life in the fast ___ 4
Letters after 12d to make an OpenAI product 3
Like a devious mad scientist 4
Lady with a little lamb 4
La-la lead-in 3
Lucy in the ___ With Diamonds (Beatles tune) 3
Lifesaving procedure: Abbr. 3
Like the spines of a cactus 5
Live ___ '80s benefit concert with an iconic performance by Queen 3
Large decorative vases 4
Large indoor sports venue 5
Lauper who sang Time After Time 5
Late Laker great Bryant 4
Log-splitting tool 3
Look at lecherously 4
Lengthen with filler material 3
Liver oil fish 3
Lord of the ___ guess the movie from the badly explained plot! Group goes on an epic quest to return jewelry 5
Light source that often has a shade 4
Lounge lazily 4

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